You Belong: FOCUS Gift Card Drive Welcomes Youth and Brightens Birthdays  

In the foreground, a cake lit with many birthday candles, and in the background, a smiling young woman in a green and black checkered jacket looks off-frame

The FOCUS program pairs competent, consistent, and compassionate mentors with 18-to-26-year-olds who have been impacted by the foster care system. Youth in FOCUS work with long-term mentors  to hone the skills needed to navigate the complexities of the transition to adulthood. In FOCUS, each young adult is in the driver’s seat. Participants have courageously taken the first step to acknowledge their need for support and to enter into a relationship, which is not always an easy thing for them to do. 

When they join FOCUS, many of these young adults do not have anyone with whom to celebrate their birthdays, or even someone to wish them a  “Happy birthday.”  We know that birthdays can be a time of high emotions, a painful reminder of loss. We want to remind young adults in FOCUS that we are there for them by helping to celebrate their milestones and achievements. We want to make sure that every youth in FOCUS feels welcomed as they begin their journey with us to realize their full potential. We do this by providing them with welcome packages and by acknowledging their birthdays. 

With your support, FOCUS has been changing the status quo and welcoming youth with open arms and small gift packages. To continue to acknowledge these important events, we are seeking support through the purchase of gift cards or through dedicated donations to do so. VISA and Amazon cards in denominations of $50 or $25 are most accessible for our young people to use and are most appreciated.  Every small gesture counts and means so much to the young adults with whom we work. 

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in 2024 for this gift-card drive. Achieving this goal will provide enough gift cards to welcome new young people into the program and to help celebrate the birthdays of all FOCUS participants.  

Send your gift cards to:  
FOCUS Gift Card Drive
Friends of Children
241 King St, #227
Northampton, MA 01060 

Or donate online toward the purchase of gift cards at

Thank you!