The Children’s Union

The Children’s Union, created in 2014, is Friends of Children’s policy arm, generating best practices research and executing high-level advocacy to improve the child welfare service delivery system in Massachusetts.

The Children’s Union’s first endeavor is to focus on opportunities to improve the Foster Care Review process, making it independent and meaningful. We have conducted extensive research on practices around the country and have learned that Massachusetts lags in providing oversight to children in placement through the Department of Children and Families compared to other states.

Committee members represent regions of the state including western and southeastern Massachusetts as well as the Boston area. Friends of Children is uniquely positioned to advocate on state policy levels as our independence keeps us focused on the needs of vulnerable children and families.

This fall, The Children’s Union has initiated outreach to key legislators to inform them of our research and recommendations to improve the lives of children and families involved in the child welfare system.  Our work is being met with curiosity and enthusiasm.