Sergio: Success with FOCUS

Sergio standing on a bench

In this powerful story, Sergio shares the impact of having mentors through our FOCUS program, a program for young adults aging out of foster care. Sergio shares how the support he has received is helping him take control of his life. As Sergio so heartfully says, “I am the future.” We are grateful that we…

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Kathie’s Fund Raises $2,200

Kathie Stewart and her husband Richard

In our last edition of Fostering Change, we honored beloved CASA volunteer Kathie Stewart with the creation of Kathie’s Fund, which makes it possible for children supported by CASA to enroll in sports programs. Through generous donations, we have raised more than $2,200. CASA volunteers are reaching out to enroll their youth in sports, and…

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Donation Finds Many Homes

Partners in the Angle Flight NE bag donation

This spring Angel Flight NE, a nonprofit that schedules free air transportation for children and adults requiring specialized medical care outside of their geographic area, reached out to Friends of Children with a unique and generous offer. They had more than 1,000 new cloth satchel bags that they no longer needed. Instead of discarding them,…

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The Not-So-Carefree Days of Summer

As restrictions relax nationwide and people begin to travel and to reunite with loved ones in person for the first time in a very long time, I’ve heard the word “carefree” to describe the coming days of summer. But for many of the thousands of children, youth, and young adults in out-of-home placements in Massachusetts,…

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