Quilts from the Heart

On the left, nn image of a young woman smiling and holding a colorful quilt, and on the right, an image of a young woman smiling and holding a folded quilt and a piece of paper

For several years, members of the Edwards Church of Northampton Quilting Team have been making quilts for our FOCUS young adults. 

This year, the team added a blessing to be given with each quilt:

Edwards Church Quilt Team Blessing
By Sandra Rossi

Just a piece of fabric
At first glance you might think
But oh it’s so much more
As it provides a link.

A link to other pieces
To make a quilt it’s true
But more importantly 
To link the “us” to “you”.

Together as your quilt team
We moved pieces here to there
To create a unique quilt theme
To gift with love and care.

We gift it now to someone
As special as the quilt
Who begins their newest journey
A new life to be built.

We are proud of our creation
But so much prouder still
Of you who will now own it
And of your strength of will.

Go forward in the comfort
This quilt may offer you
And know you truly matter
In all you say and do.