Make Supporting Vulnerable Children an Ongoing Reflection of Who You Are

Cropped photo of Heidi and Fred

“A foster child/teen already has so much emotional baggage, the last thing they need is the shame felt by seeming different to others. Friends of Children works tirelessly to instill the dignity each person deserves. Our monthly donation makes it a little bit easier to achieve that goal. 

My father was a foster child after escaping Nazi Germany, and I wish he had had the support and loving attention that Friends of Children is committed to. It is important to Fred and I that Friends of Children can rely on our ongoing support for voiceless children and teens.”

—Heidi Haas (and Fred Hooven)

Heidi and Fred are among the regular donors whose ongoing generosity enables Friends of Children to sustain and expand our crucial work. The one-time decision to become an ongoing monthly supporter means that your donations will gain momentum to make a significant impact over time. Your monthly support creates an important revenue stream that makes planning for our future an easier path. And the impact you have will be immeasurable.  Thank you.

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