Inspiration Becomes Reality

Jane Lyons headshot

From Executive Director Jane Lyons

In May of this year in Boston, Friends of Children honored Dr. Eli Newberger with our Children’s Champion Award and celebrated our FOCUS Program work supporting young adults exiting the foster care system without permanent family or community connections.

Two of the speakers for this event were a brother and sister who were the inspirations for our FOCUS program. Each spoke eloquently and emotionally of their hardships and how Friends of Children helped see the best in them. Our impact could not have been clearer. Jorge wrote to our Executive Director, Jane Lyons, afterwards and said this:

Friends of Children has “made a huge impact on my life, which impacts the life of my wife and kids. The ripple effect is tremendous and I couldn’t thank you enough. More importantly, you’ve made such a big difference in (my sister’s) life and introducing her to Friends of Children has got to be one of my greatest achievements.”

Wow…his feelings are palpable. How could we not offer this kind of support to other young people with foster care experience? There are so many that need the investment of the community. And that’s what Friends of Children has done and continues to do with FOCUS: Foster Futures.  

FOCUS makes a difference and changes the odds for young adults we have reached.  In this issue of Fostering Change, we want to share some snapshots of the young adults we have gotten to know. 

We hope you will take a little time to think about who the young adults are who seek support from FOCUS, and get to know a little more about these vulnerable, yet fearless, young adults.  As one so eloquently put it:

“Youth can do a lot of powerful and important things. We just need people to believe in us”

With Thanks,

Jane Lyons
Executive Director