Friends of Children Seeks Board Members 

As a leading advocacy agency serving children and families involved with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, we rely on a strong and dynamic board, and we’re currently seeking new volunteer leaders to join our Board of Directors. 

Board members are actively involved in organizational governance and are expected to attend monthly Board meetings, participate in fundraising activities, make a personal financial contribution, and serve as ambassadors by spreading the word about our services.

Our Board welcomes candidates  with a special interest in the welfare of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children who wish to lend their expertise to our endeavors. Those with legal, media, and fundraising experience as well connections to cultural organizations and communities of culture are strongly encouraged to consider this opportunity.

You’ll find additional information about Friends of Children on our website:

For further information about the Board of Directors and how to become involved, please contact Board President, Jo-Anne Vanin at 413-586-0011 or