Emerging, Stronger.

From Executive Director Jane Lyons

Welcome to Fostering Change, the freshly reimagined newsletter here at Friends of Children. The name Fostering Change succinctly captures the spirit of our work—taking action to achieve meaningful change for young people in the child-welfare system, both through our award-winning direct-service programs and through our tireless advocacy for policy reform. 

Throughout this extraordinary year of tumult, loss, and uncertainty, we’ve maintained an unwavering focus on the precious and vulnerable young people who need us more than ever—children, teens, and young adults in foster care. Like so many organizations during the pandemic, we too, have found new ways to connect, communicate, and serve during this challenging time—and we’re excited to share those stories with you here.

You’ll learn in this issue of Fostering Change what a pivotal moment this truly is for child-welfare reform, both in Massachusetts and in the nation. And you’ll view and read stories of incredible strength and hope—stories like the powerful video of Eva and her new adoptive mother, Dianne, who have become family with the support of CASA volunteer Jo-Anne Vanin. Fostering Change also delivers inspiration through our tribute to the life of Kathie Stewart, whose gifts of service continue to ripple through young lives.

Your support of Friends of Children concretely means that many young people in foster care are now able to dream hopeful dreams and live better lives. We are not the same people, communities, state, or country that we were before the coronavirus. But we have held on to that which matters most, and we’re emerging now, stronger. Here at Friends of Children, we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that children are emerging stronger, too.

Thank you, on behalf of our young people, for your support in Fostering Change.


Jane Lyons

Executive Director

P.S. Please forward this newsletter to colleagues and friends who may not know us yet—the wider our circle, the greater our capacity to care.