An Incredible Opportunity

Headshot of Sarah Tanner, Interim Executive Director

From Interim Executive Director Sarah Tanner

Change within organizations is inevitable.

And yet change can be difficult, stressful, and messy–and it can create distractions that limit productivity.

Having served in the interim executive director role for the last few months, I can attest that this is not the case at Friends of Children. I am in awe, every day, of the authentic and genuine compassion brought to the forefront– by staff and volunteers alike.  This is an organization steeped in a strong commitment to mission, an organization that is grounded in a shared obligation to serve children and families that so desperately need support every single day. There is no time or space for distraction here. 

We are using our current leadership transition as a time to evaluate how to best move forward, identifying priorities and approaches that will only bolster our strong legacy of improving the lives of children moving through and out of the child welfare system.

The absolutely incredible opportunity going forward is for a permanent executive director to step in and position FOC as a leading advocate for vulnerable children and young adults experiencing foster care, leading and empowering a collaborative team of highly skilled, passionate, mission-driven professionals. There is space here for the strategic, innovative thinker; the consummate communicator; the exception problem-solver.  But above all, this is the space for a staunch believer in providing all children the resources to become thriving adults.  Is that you? If so, let’s talk.

Sarah Tanner
Interim Executive Director