A Gift Of Love: Quilts for our FOCUS young adults

Group of women taking photo with the quilt they made

Sunday, September 25th, quilts made by members of Edwards Church in Northampton were blessed and given to Friends of Children to be given to our FOCUS young adults.  Two baby quilts had been passed on earlier for Demetria’s newborn.

“We want these young adults to know that the community cares about them” was said by both the quilters and the congregation.

This amazing gift came about when the quilting group reached out to us last spring. A member of their quilting group, Joan Loveless was an integral part of this group and had sadly died last winter. Her family had kindly suggested that donations be made in her memory to Friends of Children.  In the picture above, one of the quilters is holding Joan’s picture to make sure she is part of this special moment. Joan’s kindness, heart and care for those around her lives on.

We are so honored to have these amazing quilters and Edwards Church (an ongoing supporter) be part of the family that is behind every young adult we support.