Back to School with Dignity

Foster Dignity Needs You!


Dear Friend,

How would you ensure that this year is a great school year for students in the foster care system? Our Foster Dignity Project just devoted $14,000 to send 575 foster children and youth, from kindergarteners to first year college students, back to school outfitted with brand new backpacks filled with essential school supplies. But we need to send another 250 students to school feeling proud …and it’s not too late to help!
I’m writing to ask for your help in supporting young people from our area with new school supplies they need for success and self-esteem. For just $25 per child, we can help level the playing field for children and youth whose parents are not available to get them ready and excited for this annual fall ritual.

Over 2000 children and youth from western Massachusetts are placed out of their homes in public foster care, and most for their protection. Individuals and organizations in our community have generously donated funds to assist us in this critical work.
Foster Dignity enhances foster children’s lives in tangible, immediate ways and helps level the playing field for them.
The need is greater than ever this year.

We are asking for your help in raising an additional $6250 right now so that 250 more children can start school with essential supplies.

These vulnerable children need and deserve more.

Won’t you join us as we offer hope and encouragement to at-risk children and young people in our community who are experiencing upheaval and trauma in their lives? Your contribution of $250 will help underwrite the purchase of text books for a new college student. And a $500 donation will send twenty children back to school with essential supplies, which will make a huge impact! To make your gift today, please visit our giving page.
Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Best wishes,
Susan Karas, Board President

PS – We work year round leveling the field for vulnerable kids in care…please consider making a recurring donation!

Avery’s Story

“Avery” felt worried as he started 1st grade last year. He was in a new town where he was placed in a foster home after being taken from his parents on an emergency basis. The kind of transition and adjustment he needed to quickly make would be difficult for any adult, let alone a six year old boy with a family history of trauma. Before going to his first day of school, Avery’s social worker brought him a brand new backpack filled with 1st grade supplies: pencils, crayons, paper, writing tablet, and (of course) a stuffed animal. His grin was immeasurable! But most importantly, it was reported that he was proud when he walked into his new school and met his teacher. He was as ready as he could possibly be. Donors to Friends of Children’s Foster Dignity Project made that happen.