This CASA Works to Gain Trust

Recently retired, Jim Foudy wanted to find a cause he could really put his time and attention into. He wanted to work with children and found CASA to be a great opportunity. A former journalist, Jim applies some of the skills he used in his newspaper work to his CASA duties. “You have to be persistent,” he says. “You are continually working with people to gain their trust so that you can get the information that you need. You have to do your research to decide what is in the child’s best interest, and this is not static. It’s always developing, so you have to let your learning lead you to the right decision.”

Jim is new to the CASA program, and he says that the trainings and the community of volunteers have helped him feel prepared to face the challenges of this work. He has high praise for Friends of Children’s lead staff Jane Lyons and Randee Laikind. “I’m grateful for my terrific training and deeply admire both Jane and Randee’s skills and passion for this work.”

One aspect of being a CASA that is rarely publicized is the camaraderie and sense of community that is formed between the volunteers and how rewarding it can be to know that you’re part of a team of people who are working to make the lives of children better. At Friends of Children, we are all part of the same mission, and we are truly grateful for the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers, who keep CASA at the forefront of child advocacy in the Franklin/Hampshire Counties.

If you wish to be an ally to a child in need, please contact us to learn more or read more here. Applications are accepted year round.