Doing whatever it takes to help young people who have experienced foster care thrive.

COVID-19 UPDATE (November 2020)

The health and safety of children and young people, staff, volunteers and the community as a whole continues to be our top priority. Like you, as we move inside during these winter months,we are closely watching for updated guidelines for emergency preparedness. Staff are working both remotely and in the office, and we will keep you informed of any changes.

We have held training sessions for CASA volunteers virtually using online conferencing platforms. We have offered both in-person and online opportunities for young adults in our FOCUS Program to connect twice a week, and mentors are connecting to young people remotely as well. Our volunteers continue to monitor the well being of children and families to offer support, and we are  mobilizing efforts in our Foster Dignity Program to ensure that basic needs are met. Our Policy staff is accessing and participating in virtual meetings about the latest changes in operating procedures that impact children and families in the child welfare system. All of our staff are available by email.

The potential for moving back into isolation can be difficult, particularly for children and young people who have experienced significant disruption and trauma in their lives. We continue with advance planning to address needs well into colder months while ensuring the safety of volunteers and staff.   In this time of physical distancing, we are grateful to be a part of a community of service providers that is helping to meet the social and basic needs of children and families.

We recommend John Hopkins University as a great resource for up to date COVID-19 information.


Spring 2021 CASA Trainings

Friends of Children is always looking for volunteers and will be holding its next training in the spring.

This training is conducted for all volunteers who have completed the initial CASA screening process, including filling out an application.

If you are interested, please contact Debi Belkin, CASA Director.

We speak the truth on behalf of children, no matter how difficult it is to hear. 

We are champions of their best interests. We advocate for the rights and dignity of children in and aging-out of foster care. We recognize the whole child, and commit to changing the course of their lives. Their future and our community’s legacy depend on it.

Looking for support?

Our programs can help you or a child you know that is currently in foster care or aging out with basic needs like food and health care, or with educational and personal growth opportunities.

If you are having a mental health crisis or feeling like you are in an unsafe situation call 911 or refer to this list of toll free numbers made available through


Court Appointed Special Advocacy

Providing a voice for the best interests of children involved in abuse, neglect and other challenging cases in Franklin and Hampshire counties.


Meeting Basic Needs

Providing basic needs for children in – and aged-out of – the foster care system, such as clothing, school supplies, and money for extracurricular activities.


Youth Mentorship Program

Connecting transition-aged youth to resources and community members who help young people succeed and be independent. 


Arts & Media Expression

Inviting young people 16 and older to have their voices heard by sharing their experiences in foster care through artistic expression.


The Children's Union

Our policy advocacy arm works with state officials, policy makers and other advocacy groups to improve the Commonwealth’s child welfare system.

It takes a village!

We know this important work cannot be done without contributions from our entire community.

Just a simple donation of school supplies or clothing can go a long way to improving a young person's day.

Are you a compassionate listener? Or someone with valuable skills to pass along to young people? Children need reliable advocates and mentors to help them navigate challenges and develop the confidence to become independent.

Maybe you have experience in marketing, social media, photography, videography, or events coordination? So much goes on behind the scenes, and we may have a great fit for you!

Perhaps a financial gift is the best way for you to make an impact? We have multiple options to help you support our work.

Interested in volunteering?

From one-time to long-term volunteering, we have a volunteer opportunity that will be the right fit for you!

Donate to childen!

From one time to long-term volunteering, we have a volunteer opportunity that will be the right fit for you!